Parenting Resources

Parenting Tool Kit
Resources and tips for encouraging the development of social–emotional skills across their lifespan.

Family Resources
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning expands on the strategies for parents of young children.

Symptom Checker offers parents a tool to safely research your child’s symptoms and offers valuable information about caring for your child, and guidance about when to seek care.

Simply click on the body portion where your child has symptoms. Start now! Check your child’s symptoms »

Need Proof of your Child's Vaccination ?

Now you can view and print your family’s official vaccination records from ImmuNet, Maryland’s Immunization Registry, by going to

Proof of vaccinations for child care, school or camp

Keeping track of your vaccinations

Foreign travel vaccinations record

Need Lab Results?

Click on the lab,
Then create an account with them: 

Community Resources

Do you Need Help Finding Housing, Food, a Job or More?

Aunt Bertha is a website that helps you find free or reduced cost services in your area. Get help finding:

Just enter your ZIP code and CLICK on the service you need.

Get Help/Assistance with Rent or Utilities Related to Pandemic

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has a Rental Assistance Finder  to connect renters and landlords to state and local organizations distributing federal rental assistance.

→Encuentre ayuda para pagar renta y servicios
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Vaccine Schedule Ages Birth - 18 years

→ For more information on Vaccine Schedule from ages Birth to 18 years visit Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Immunization Schedule